each tree is a lesson

Partnering with Our Clients to Plant the Seeds of ECOLOGICAL Transformation

SweetRush, a 100% remote workplace,
deepens its commitment to green business and
sustainability with La Maestra, a reforestation
initiative in Costa Rica’s Limón province.

Repayment ThroughReforestation

SweetRush is committed to ecological sustainability. In an effort to give back what we've borrowed from the earth, we’ve launched La Maestra, a reforestation & learning initiative in Costa Rica.

The RedemptivePower of the Rainforest

By planting trees in the vital rainforest of the Limón province, we seek to offset the cumulative carbon footprint of our business and our employees.

Reforming Nature asWe Transform Ourselves

We're inviting our clients to join La Maestra. Through this carbon neutrality initiative, our clients can transform the environment the way they’re transforming their organizational culture.

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"Come forth into the light of things / Let nature be your teacher."

With La Maestra, we seek to heed the wisdom of William Wordsworth. We are humbled to list the following organizations as fellow students.

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